Make a new submission

If the submission period is open, you can submit your paper while connected on the website

Depending on the configuration chosen by the conference administrator, you will be able to submit :

  • an abstract,
  • a fulltext following an accepted abstract,
  • a fulltext only.

Submit an abstract

From the menu My space > Submissions and click on « My Submissions ».

By default, you will need to complete and verify 4 steps.

You may not be viewing the third step “File (s)”, depending on the configuration chosen by the conference administrator.

  • Step 1 : Metadata

Provide at least all mandatory information marked with an asterisk. Enter the title, the abstract and choose the type of submission and the theme (s). If the summary is not requested at this step, you will be asked to step “3 File (s)”, depending on the configuration made by the conference administrator.

  • Step 2 : Author(s)

This part allows you to inform the authors of your submission. It is possible that author affiliations are mandatory, depending on the setting chosen by the site administrator.

You can fill as many authors as you want by clicking on “Add an author (+)”.

  • Step 3 : File(s)

This step allows you to file your abstract as a file if it was provided by the conference administrator.
You can also transfer additional data for your submission.
If the abstract was already entered in Step 1, this part allows you to transfer additional data.

Otherwise, you will have to submit your abstract here.

The image below indicates that a file containing the abstract has been submitted.

Do not forget to click on the “Upload” button. The file should appear below, under File. Check that the conversion to PDF has been successful by the presence of the icon.

  • Step 4 : Overview

Finally, in the Overview step, you will be able to view your submission (all the data plus any additional files). If you want to return to your repository, click the previous steps, otherwise click on “Submit”.

To preview the correct PDF conversion of your file (from a .doc for example), do not hesitate to click on Submissions in the menu, then on the small eye to the right of your submission.

This will allow you to access the pdf version of your submission.


Submit a fulltext

Submit a fulltext following an accepted abstract

You have received an email indicating that your abstract has been accepted and you wish to submit your communication. Go to the menu My space > Submissions and click on the small “+” to the right of your summary repository.

You will see the 4 steps reappear: Metadata, Author (s), File (s) and Summary. These data have been retained but can be modified.

In Step 3 : File(s) , you will be able to choose and transfer the file of your communication. Do not forget to check the conversion of your file to pdf.

In Step 4 : Overview , if your submission is acceptable you, click on “Submit”. The status of your submission is Initial. At this point, you can still modify your submission (See the Edit my submission page).

Submit a fulltext without an abstract

In order to submit a fulltext, go to My space > Submissions menu and click on “Submit a paper”.

Provide at least the mandatory information marked with an asterisk for each step.

After filling in the metadata and authors, choose your file and transfer it to Step 3 : File(s) . Check your submission and verify that the document has been transformed into pdf format.

To complete your submission, proceed to Step 4 : Overview

and click on “Submit”.